Removing friction between man and technology by designing beautiful and easy to use products, centered around real people.

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  • We are Product Guys

    Our team consists of seasoned software development professionals, experienced in building SaaS products, web platforms, web and mobile apps and more.

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  • Custom Web Application Development

    We build complete web platforms, apps and APIs using Ruby, Slim, Angular 5, Material, MariaDB.

  • Mobile App Development Services

    We do custom mobile app development using React Native, which was used to build the Facebook, Instagram & Skype apps.

  • User Experience Product Design

    We design products that feel great to use, with a clean and friendly user interface.

What We're Doing

Here's what's keeping us busy

  • plug&paid

    Easy to integrate cart that turns any website into a shop

    • The problem

      There is a high friction when businesses set up their online sales. The tools are expensive and the alternative is paying an agency to set up open source shops.

    • The solution

      With plug&paid, you get all of the features you would expect and you can set it up today, with zero coding experience.

    • The result

      After perfecting the product for several years, plug&paid is now a powerful platform designed around maximizing your company's revenue streams.

      #plugnpaid #fintech #ecommerce #invoicing

  • plug&paid dashboard
  • behind sexting
  • Behind Sexting

    ERASMUS+ project started in October 2020 for 24 months.

    • The problem

      The digital tools used by teenagers are part of their daily life, presenting many benefits but also many risks and challenges that many are unaware of.

    • The solution

      An open education and innovative training in the digital age aimed at raising adolescents aged 10-19 and parents awareness about the risks of sexting.

    • The result

      Through the elaboration of a digital sex education learning model, adolescents and parents will acquire knowledge and skills for recognising and preventing digital media risks, with particular care of sexting. The training path will be based on the peer educational approach, gradual, non judgmental and participatory under the supervision of school teachers and experts in the field of sexting and digital media.

      #behind-sexting #european-union #eu-funding #erasmus-plus

  • yooSEND

    A cloud platform oriented towards secure storage

    • The problem

      Current solutions for storing files either online or on premise are either not secure enough, or not reliable enough. The ideal solution always comes with its downsides.

    • The solution

      yooSEND is building a hybrid cloud architecture, that allows anyone to participate with sharing their own storage space, in exchange for digital value.

    • The result

      The messBusters team have created the proof of concept and we continue to provide consultancy, to help grow their team and achieve their goals.

      #yoosend #secure-storage #distributed-storage #storage-revolution

  • yooSEND map

Our previous ventures

In the past, we helped other companies achieve their goals, while also building our own products.

  • Avira apps
  • Avira

    Custom works
    (design, C++ modules)

    • The problem

      The sheer number of experiments being worked on it the company's labs demanded additional firepower.

    • The solution

      messBusters is a development partner of Avira, especially in the innovation space. We will continue to help them deliver value to their customers.

    • The result

      We have already delivered a top-secret C++ module and continue to assist with UX/UI design on several exciting projects.

      Custom works UI/UX C++

  • Banking. Different.

    • The problem

      The fast-growing, well-funded startup needed extra help with high-quality design, and it was pretty urgent.

    • The solution

      Twispay contracted messBusters and have received clean, sleek and professional new designs that worked for their brand.

    • The result

      We helped them quickly execute the first steps of their journey and are proud of our work together. We continue to support them in times of need.

      UI/UX Usability Testing

  • Twispay design
  • Arhi Design eCommerce platform
  • Romanian stationery factory and retailer founded in 1992, with an annual turnover of 3.5 mil Euros.

    • The problem

      The company has large offline sales, and has already tested the market with an in-house e-commerce prototype. They wanted to take their online shop to the next level.

    • The solution

      We have built a custom e-commerce platform from scratch, tailored and integrated with the company's own internal processes. We also built a very useful module for personalized products.

    • The result

      A gorgeous online shop, that has also helped shape the brand and enable future growth. Sales are picking up nicely and we have just launched, at the time of this writing.

      Agile UI/UX HTML5/CSS3 VueJS PHP

  • Zoki

    Create beautiful, stunning, simple websites.

    • The problem

      Building landing pages shouldn't take so long. Existing tools are either too complicated, or too ugly, or lacking important features.

    • The solution

      We were building a tool that acts like a human: it asks for the necessary information about your project, then generates a few stunning variations that you can choose from and tweak, if needed.

    • The result

      Zoki is still in early alpha and was paused in 2019, awaiting to be brought back to life.

      UI/UX HTML5/CSS3 Angular 5 Ruby

  • Zoki concept

Don't just take our word for it

We get excited every time we read the amazing feedback we've got.

Andrei Petruș

Director of IoT @ Avira

Even for a fast-paced innovation organization, running numerous experiments can shake-off the rhythm and the focus. That's exactly where messBusters helped me in, by augmenting our firepower to execute on side experiments and innovative seed products. They demonstrated they can bring in a diverse range of skills to move forward various software projects.

Andreea Nistor

Online Sales Director @ Arhi Design

Working with the messBusters Team in developing and upgrading our online shop has been one of the best long-term investments we have made. The messBusters Team has delivered beyond our expectations, not only by following our wishes and demands but also coming up with suggestions and improvements based on their past experience with e-shops. Thank you all for working on this project with such dedication and looking forward to developing new projects with you soon.

Antonis Dimitriou

Co-founder @ plug&paid

Do not confuse messBusters for another web development agency. That is not what they are. The messBusters team has been, and remains, an integral part of our plug&paid team. They have more than exceeded our expectations and continue to support us in providing valuable insights on how we can grow our business and best practice approaches for finding investment. I can only recommend them and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.