We're looking to expand our team

We are searching for three engineers that are eager to learn new things and grow with us.

TypeScript Developer Frontend Developer Software Tester

Senior Typescript Developer

We are building an exciting framework based on Typescript for all of our dynamic apps. We're just getting started on this, so join us NOW if you want to be part of it from the very beginning.

  • React Native

    We build mobile apps using React Native. We need more firepower to be able to meet the increasing demand.

  • Angular JS

    We use Angular for admin panels, dashboards and checkout flows. You know the drill. We need to write reusable modules for our framework.

  • Contributing

    Give back to the community by releasing exciting open source libraries for React and Angular!

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Frontend Developer

Nothing compares to building the face of the product with your own hands. We also don't like to write the same code again and again, so we need you to take the lead in building our UI design framework.

  • HTML5 in Slim

    It's extremely pleasant and clean to write the HTML code in Slim.

  • CSS3 in Sass

    We need to be consistent across our products with a design style that is specific to us. For achieving this in a more elegant manner, we are using Sass.

  • Smart Assets Management

    We have an automated system for managing assets. We minify and compress everything automatically, with optional CDN support.

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Junior Software Tester

Some say testing is the best job in the world. You never get bored, you get to break stuff and nag people to fix them! We will train you to become a great QA engineer, and, most probably, you will get to lead our future QA team.

  • Test Cases

    You will get to think of all sorts of scenarios that will break our software, and to write them down to get organized and reuse them when needed.

  • Manual Testing

    You'll start with manual tests, to gain experience. Once you get the hang of it, we'll work together to automize them, so it never feels boring!

  • Quality Assurance

    You will grow to become the company's quality gatekeeper. You will get to decide whether our new releases go into production or get sent back for fixing.

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  • Working at messBusters

    We are a multinational company, with offices in Bucharest, Romania and Paphos, Cyprus. Even though most of us come to the Bucharest office every day, we follow remote working principles, which allows us to have a flexible schedule and to work from anywhere. We like to get together as often as possible in hackatons or company retreats.

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  • Courses & Books

    If you feel the need to perfect your skills in some domain, we like to invest in our people, through courses, books and conferences.

  • Bring Your Own Device

    Because each of us prefers using their own setup for coding. We also have company test devices and will consider requests for new hardware, if needed.

  • Our Tools

    We use GitLab for code repositories, wikis, tasks and auto-deployment. We use Slack for communications and Airtable for everything else.

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